The practice of having a lie-in at the weekend in a
comfortable bed could be having an adverse impact on people's
productivity during the working week, new data has claimed.

Research carried out by Rush University in Chicago revealed a
shift in the time people get up at the weekend of just two hours
can impact the body clock, with people not getting back into a
proper sleep wake-cycle until the middle of the week, the Daily
Mail reports.

This means those who relish their weekend lie-in could in fact be
better off by getting up at their regular time, as this would help
avoid the typical Monday morning malaise.

Lead researcher Helen Burgess said: "The weekend sleep-in is just
the process by which people shift their clocks later - it wouldn't
be a problem except for that rude awakening on Monday

A study from the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
recently showed fragmented sleep patterns could result in people
becoming more infirm as they get older, resulting in an increased
likelihood of those who fail to get the proper levels of deep sleep
needing to be institutionalised in nursing homes.

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