Q : We have seen a Miracoil 8 mattress in a CarpetRight store
but cannot find any information about it on your website.I have
seen that you answered a previous question saying that the Miracoil
8 was exclusive to Benson for Beds and CarpetRight stores. But can
you tell me which is the equivalent of the Miracoil 8 mattress on
your website?Is it just a rebadged Miracoil 7 pocket 2100 for


A : The products featured on our websitehave 3 and 7 support
zones. The Miracoilmattresses you have seen have 8 support
zones.Our recommendation to you would be to lie on the mattress you
have seen for at least 10mins and preferrably up to half an hour.
Don't be embarrassed about this that is what the beds are there
for!If you still feel that the bed does not provide you with the
correct level of support and comfort then due try the Miracoil 7
and Miracoil 3 ranges.