Q : We have recently changed all our mattresses to miracoil 7
pocket 2100 Innergetic Latex Nova Dream mattresses as they
definately are giving the family the best sleep we have had. A
friend has offered us an adjustable bed (super King) and I was
wondering if Silentnight have a miracoil 7 pocket 2100 Innergetic
Latex 'Nova Dream type' mattress that we could use on this bed. In
fact we would need 2 x 3' mattresses to do the job but they need to
be compatible with the electrically adjustable bed.


A : You cannot put a miracoil mattress on an adjustable bed.
Bending the spring system will damage it and invalidate the
warranty. We do not manufacture a mattresses in the size you
require, nor do we manufacture mattresses specifically for
adjustable beds.