Q : We have been trying to find out how the Ashford and Henley
double mattresses compare, given some current offers seen online.
However it seems very strange you do not seem to have either of
these mattresses on your site if they are made by you! We are
trying to ascertain how the two compare, if one if firmer than the
other etc, or whether one or other may be more suitable for us
given it will be going on a bedframe rather than a divan base.
Ideally we would like a medium mattress but it would be useful to
know which of these two is firmer than the other etc but we can't
seem to find much information on either! Both of us sleep on our
sides so we don't want to go too firm. Any further info on how
these two products compare would be very useful, thank you


A : It is worth stating something about the minimum 'grade' of
slats on a slatted base. Wood slats-slats should be smooth,
preferably with chamfered edges to prevent cut through to the
mattress underside-maximum space between slats should be no more
than 100mm-minimum width of slats should be approx. 70mm-the entire
length of the mattress should be supported by slats, i.e.. slat
ladder length should be same mattress.-slats should be secured to
bedstead properly to prevent movement of slatsBoth mattresses are
exclusive to Tesco Direct and therefore, do not feature on our
website as they are not widely available in the all high street
stores.The Ashford is 21cm deep. The Henley is 24cm deep.Comfort is
very subject and whilst these mattresses are described as having a
medium feel, you may find the Henley more luxurious as a result of
the cushion top layer.