Q : We bought an Kingsize Bed, which can be used separated, on
February 20 of 2010 from a dealer in Germany because we are
germans. Since about 1 Year the Baseunit (springunit) becomes week,
so that we are laying in a deep tray, vally or hollow if you want (
I don't know the exat translation ). The matresses are o.k., we
checked it by using them on the floor.The dealer is "down and out"
at this time. Who can be held responsible for warranty now?The
dealer's name was "Nienburger Polster GmbH".In case you will need
more information like pictures from the bed or copies of the
receipt let me know.Would be nice to hear from you, because we paid
about 2000 € for the package with topper and the back parts.Best


A : We're sorry we can't help but we don't manufacture or sell
beds in Germany.