Often find yourself waking in the night feeling
helpless and unable to get back to sleep?

Recently, a survey from
pinpointed that 4.05am is the moment we most often wake up
with worries about our health, with our three concerns being
overdue dental check ups, losing weight and tackling stress.

Waking up in the night affects 32 million adults, with a fifth
of us saying that dealing with a health issue is the least likely
thing to be checked off a to-do list.

Our Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan shares her thoughts:

- Accept that it is normal! When you wake up, don't check the
time and try not to check your phone or emails. Instead, use this
time to relax, get comfy and just think about resting and you'll be
likely to drift off to sleep before you know it.

- Think about the next day: what are you looking forward to? If
the day ahead is going to be particularly stressful, try to think
of at least one or two things you are looking forward to.

How often do you wake up in the night? Will you be putting Dr
Nerina's tips into practice? Let us know on our Facebook and