Children could be achieving less sound sleep as a result of
exposure to violent media, it has been claimed.

A new study carried out by researchers at the University of
Seattle and reported by Healthcare Today has revealed that when children are exposed to 20 minutes of
violent media during the day, this can have a dramatic impact on
their ability to sleep in the evening.

Researchers split a group of 565 families with children aged three
to five into two groups in a year-long study, with half being
allowed to watch age-restricted content on the television during
the day and the other not.

Findings showed that those who were not exposed to violent media
were able to get to sleep 20 minutes sooner on average at

The news follows the publication of a recent study by Shanghai
Children's Medical Centre which revealed sleep is extremely
important for a child's performance in school.

Lead researcher Jiang Fan commented: "The group that slept less
scored lower in all the eight test categories from memory, logic
[and] reasoning to attention. The result surprised us as we never
realised that the amount of sleep can make such a big difference in

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