We've got a date for your diary, but
not the diary in your smart phone! Coming up on the 28th June is
the second annual National Unplugging Day in the UK. A day
dedicated to putting down your smartphones, tablets and computers
for 24 hours, to experience life "unplugged".


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Although this may not be feasible for many, with a
lot of our work lives spent sat in front of a glowing screen, one
place we can look to banish tech from is the bedroom, to promote a
relaxing sleeping environment. Dr Nerina
, our resident sleep expert, encourages us to
recognise the importance of a good night's sleep, highlighting
removing tech from the bedroom as one of the easiest things people
can do to improve their sleep quality.


Dr Nerina says; "It is essential to a good night
sleep to turn off all technology; many people with sleep problems
have an unhealthy relationship with technology. Every time you
experience a mini rush of anticipation at the sight of the flashing
light on your phone / tablet, the brain produces a small dollop of
dopamine - the feel-good hormone. This wakes us up, makes us feel
good, even momentarily. This is partly what feeds the compulsion to
keep picking up your phone and checking, not just a fear of missing
out on something.


"Many people don't realise how reliant they become on
technology. We have become too used to having things available at
the touch of a button, when it is taken away people become
agitated. I suggest simple breathing used in yoga or mediation. Too
long online means you can't switch off, even having your phone
flashing on your bedside table will keep your mind and body on
alert therefore keeping you awake for longer. it is important to
take time out relax away from technology before you go to bed to
ensure you have the best possible night's sleep".


A recent study revealed 81% of smartphone users* have
their devices switched on all of the time, even in bed, with four
in ten adults and teenagers* using their smartphone after it wakes
them. Further to this, our own research reveals that Brits spent
more time each morning checking emails and using the internet, than
taking care of appearance or eating breakfast.


Are you one of the 75% of people in the UK who is not
getting a good night's sleep? For tips and advice from Dr Nerina
take at look at our toolkit here.


* Statistics provided by Ofcom - A nation addicted to