If you're struggling to get a good
nights sleep then its time to throw on your running shoes and get
yourself down to the gym. A new study has found a link between
fitness levels and sleeping problems, meaning you shouldn't cancel
the gym membership that you don't use enough just yet!

Steven Prezant/Getty Images

More than 8,000 men and women had
their cardio-respiratory fitness tested when walking or running on
the treadmill in four clinic visits every two years. 

Those who had let their fitness levels slide and were unable to
exercise for as long on the treadmill were more likely to have
trouble sleeping.The study, carried out by the
University of Georgia, showed that the number of complaints about
sleep quality rose by over eight per cent for each minutes decrease
in running endurance. 

Our Sleep Expert Dr.Nerina comments, 'Regular
exercise is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress
hormone levels (mainly adrenaline) thus enabling you to sleep more
deeply. The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines
recommend three or four sessions of aerobic exercise (swimming,
cycling, jogging, fast walking) for 20-30min per week.'