Getting a good night's sleep can be
quite challenging for new parents.

When you feel like you've tried everything, getting
your child to go to sleep can be quite stressful. 

Here are some tried and tested
techniques to use in your little one's routine that should help
towards a great night's sleep for both baby and mum.

baby to sleep 

  1. Research shows that certain sounds
    can help us drift off to dreamland. More specifically, the sound of

    ocean waves
    . So give it a go, get your
    laptop out, play a 5 hour water playlist and see how well it

  2. Make sure the bedroom is
    sleep-friendly. A
    cool, dark bedroom
    is ideal to promote
    a restful sleep for your baby.

  3. Massage. Massage your baby for 15
    minutes and they will fall asleep faster than those who are only
    read a story, according to research from the University of Miami
    Touch Research Institute. 

  4. If you feel like you've tried
    everything in the book, dreamcatchers are one of the cutest things
    to include in your baby's room. Why not personalise it and make it
    into a souvenir from their early years?

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