Today's children go to bed later than kids 50 years ago, eat
later and prefer playing inside to outdoor pursuits.

This is according to the Sleep Council, which looked at the
differences between the generation from the Jubilee and those from
the Coronation back in 1952.

It discovered that seven to 14-year-old children nod off about 40 minutes later
than their grandparents did at their age and this unhealthy
sleeping pattern could eventually lead to long-term health

Kids born in this era are also much more likely to snack on fizzy
drinks and crisps before going to bed,
rather than having a milky or hot beverage.

Denise Robertson, an agony aunt on This Morning, is worried about
this development. "Modern lifestyles could be having a seriously
detrimental effect on children's ability to get a good night's
sleep," she stated.

Ms Robertson said youngsters do not get enough fresh air and
exercise and this problem is compounded by the fact they stay up
late chatting online, have TVs in their bedrooms and eat too much
convenience food.

Some 21 per cent of grandparents questioned said they used to
spend up to three hours playing outside and 28 per cent said their
grandkids are now only outdoors for 30 minutes or less.

Children do have much more comfortable surroundings though, as 78
per cent have a new mattress and
nearly three-quarters have their own bedrooms. This compares
favourably with the experiences of their grandparents, as 36 per
cent had to share a room, while 37 per cent got a hand-me-down

The Sleep Council observed the importance of a supportive bed in
getting a good night's rest cannot be understated.

Indeed, sleep therapist at Juliet Newson has
called on all parents to make sure their kids are made to stick to
a bedtime routine. She recommends a sleep system because it gives
little ones the structure they require to ensure they have relaxing
and refreshing slumber.

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