Individuals keen to get the best night's sleep possible have
been advised of a number of measures they can take to achieve just

Psychiatrist at the California Pacific Medical Center in San
Francisco Dr Laura Davies told the San Francisco Chronicle that the
difficulty for many does not lie in getting the recommended amount
of sleep, but in achieving the quality of rest that will lead them
to be fully alert and rested the next day.

Dr Davies highlighted alcohol consumption as a tricky area for
many people, as while drinking alcohol will often make people
sleepy, the quality of sleep they receive when inebriated is
dramatically lower than when they sleep normally.

As a result, cutting back on alcoholic drinks before bedtime can
be an excellent way for people to improve the quality of their

Meanwhile, developing a bedtime routine that individuals stick to
daily can also help train the body to rest at certain times,
providing a natural boost to the quality of sleep.

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