Are you feeling the slug of the daily commute? Recent studies
suggest that the average person in the UK spends 2 hours of their
day commuting to and from their place of work. With Britons
reportedly spending the most time commuting in Europe, countries
such as Belgium are looking at less than an hour travelling time
each day.

There are ways to make the commute a little more tolerable though,
and at Silentnight we are big fans of using this time to catch up
on your sleep.

How can you relax and be comfortable enough to grab that power nap
when you're on a train or bus though? Follow out top tips and
you'll be snoozing your way into the office in no time!

Top tips for sleeping on the move 

  • Layer up and use a spare jumper or coat not only to keep warm
    whilst waiting for your transport to arrive, but also to use as a
    makeshift pillow. You could even use your scarf or hat, which are a
    commuting essential in the colder months.

  • If you're travelling by train, book your seat in advance and
    obtain a window seat where possible. This makes using your
    improvised pillow a little bit easier, as you'll have something to
    lean against! 

  • Make your nap sanctuary even more comfortable and cosy, by
    covering up with your coat. This also makes you feel a little less
    cramped when using your coat as a blanket, rather than keeping all
    of your heavy layer on.

  • Listen to an audio book or some relaxing music - the comforting
    lull of someone reading a story will help you gently drift off for
    a short while, whilst listening to relaxing music also helps to
    avoid being woken up by noise from fellow commuters. 

  • The last thing to remember is to set an alarm for a few minutes
    before your expected stop. By waking up before your arrival, you
    will ensure that you are ready and able to face the short walk to
    the office, rather than panicking, waking up when the train or bus
    actually stops!

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a little easier? Share them with us on Twitter by tagging