A parent's job is never over, no
matter how old your children get and we're sure you'll have spent
many a night waiting up for your grown up children to arrive home
after a late night out or even sleepless nights worrying about your
little one's first sleepover. 


It's usually the job of mum's 'taxi' to pick up the
kids and make sure they get home safe, but thanks to the launch of
the new nighttime tube service in London, there's going to be a
safe option for them to get home. Even better, the head of the
Underground has confirmed for the night service they've hired a
large number of mums to man the service.


The night tube will start on two lines, the Central
and the Victoria, extending to three others by the end of the year,
easing the maternal anxiety for mothers across London.


If you're one of those mums who can't sleep until
your offspring are home safe and sound and tucked up in bed, then
we've got some useful advice so you can get a good night's sleep.


Set a


Setting a curfew can be a good way of managing
expectations of when you want your child to return from playing out
with friends. It's good to discuss times with your child to come to
a compromise of when you think is a suitable time to come


Many children have a difficult time calming
their bodies and minds down before they go to sleep as their engery
levels are often still too high around bedtime and this can cause
frustration for everyone involved.


Set your child's curfew for an hour before bedtime so
your little one has enough time to wind down and follow their usual
bedtime routine. Check out our top tips for creating a bedtime
routine for your child here.


Communication is key


If your child is staying at a friends for a
sleepover, it won't harm to ask the parents to send you a text
message letting you know that everything is ok.


As a parent you naturally worry about what your
little ones are up to when under someone elses care. Giving
each parent a call or sending them a text message to let them know
their child is having a good time is a great way to put minds at


The reality is your child will be having a great time
and probably hasn't thought twice about missing their own bed or
you for that matter. So sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet
whilst it lasts.


Check out our top tips for hosting a sleepover for
your children here.


Cope with the stresses


Many parents find the trials and tribulations of
raising children  stressful and it can often lead to sleepless
nights. To help you sleep better we recommended talking to friends
or a partner about your concerns.


Our resident sleep expert, Dr
Nerina, recommends getting a good night's sleep helps to have a
clearer perspective on the situation and ease any unnecessary


Nerina recommends when trying to get
to sleep, "Lie on your back and try to consciously relax each part
of your body starting from your toes and working up to your head
and face. Not forgetting to breathe deeply from your


Losing out on sleep can have
especially harsh effects as we grow older. Check out our
about how not getting your
eight hours can impact your overall life satisfaction.


If you've got any tips for sleeping
soundly whilst your children are out, share them with us on our
social pages using #MySleepSecret.