Everyone likes to have a good night's sleep as often as possible, because it will leave them feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day.

However, people may not realise how important their state of mind is when it comes to resting in a bed.

The Sleep Council has stated there are a number of easy steps individuals can take in order to make sure they are able to get some decent shut eye.

Having a hot foamy bath before bedtime is recommended, as this will ease and sooth your muscles, while a warm milky drink or herbal tea is also a good idea.

On top of this, try to fill your mind with happy and relaxed thoughts before dozing off, as this should help to improve your sleeping pattern.

Once you have a bedtime routine up and running that works for you, it should lead to some top-quality slumber going forward.

Posted by Elizabeth MewesADNFCR-1744-ID-801428095-ADNFCR