Being able to leave the day behind and prepare
for a great night's sleep requires some careful organisation and
consideration of your 'sleep space'. Is it cluttered? Are the
colours peaceful? Are you distracted by the TV or other technology?
Our resident Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina, shares her tips to create the
perfect sleep sanctuary.

 1. Bedroom equals rest and

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, so the
first step is to declutter and tidy up. Clear away all traces of
work, the laundry basket or children's toys to enable you to leave
the day behind and enter a deep sleep.

2. There's an optimum temperature for good sleep
… and it's around 19°C. Remember; this is all about how
you feel and what you need. The same can go for darkness in the
room: create a level of darkness that feels right for you.

3. The smell of your bedroom can help or hinder

Experiment with aromatherapy oils: find the ones that are calming
and soothing to your senses and you will soon begin to associate
the scent of essential oils to a calming and relaxing slumber.

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