Finding the right mattress can be an arduous task, so when you
come to choosing one for yourself, think like Goldilocks did when
she found herself sleepy in the three bears' home.

Contrary to what the title suggests, I am in no way advocating
porridge theft or disturbing a bear's natural habitat. In fact, I
am referring to a logical comparison that can be made when it came
to the choice of bed in which she
wanted to settle.

Goldilocks had a choice of three mattresses, and the twist in the
tale came in that she chose the smallest and most intimate bed over
the grand mattresses of the bigger bears. This shows that choosing
a mattress is a very personal choice, and what may seem comfortable
to some people may not be comfortable to you.

In this way, it is important to test different beds before making
a choice. Fortunately, there are now ample amounts of mattresses to
choose from that can make this a very pleasant task. There are two
factors that should be weighed up when making this decision:
comfort, and support.

Support is essential for keeping a good posture during the night.
Neglecting this factor often leads to back pains which can last for
extended periods of time, and are only exacerbated by poor sleeping
positions. The common misconception is that a firm mattress is best
for your back. Although this may be true in some cases, not all
people benefit from using a firm mattress.

Clete Kushida, director of the Standford Centre for Human Sleep
Research, advised WebMD, a leading online publication for health
and medical news: "Lie on your side. If your shoulders and hips are
sinking, if you feel your spine is not aligned, it's probably too
soft. If you feel pain and discomfort, it's probably too

Memory foam mattresses are often cited as being the most personal
mattresses in terms of support. The material moulds to the shape of
your body, resulting in a well supported posture that can be
maintained throughout the night. Miracoil is also a popular choice
for the back, giving you zoned support and pressure relief that
enables a peaceful night's sleep.

Sleep is important for two primary reasons. The first is that it
rests the body, which makes support an important element of the
night. The second is that it rests the mind, which is why comfort
is also very important.

Many experts believe it is the latter element that makes sleep so
important. A weary brain cannot develop adequately, and can lead to
a lack of productivity throughout the day fuelled by dreariness and

Chiara Cirelli, associate professor of psychiatry at the
University of Wisconsin, said: "Without sleep, the brain reaches a
saturation point that taxes its energy budget, its store of
supplies and its ability to learn further."

Choosing the right mattress for comfort is also a process of trial
and error, and what might look like the right mattress, may not
turn out to be. The Miracoil 3 Pocket 2100 mattresses provide
unique spring comfort that provides comfort and support for all
shapes and sizes. The springs provide support where it is needed
the most, making them a very popular mattress for those who are big
advocates of a comfortable night's sleep. Just like the Goldilocks
dilemma, they are available in single, double, king and super king
sizes with comfort layers including memory foam and latex, so
evaluate which type and size will support you the most.

A further reason why sleep is important is health. Sleep
deprivation has been linked with a number of health problems, such
as high blood pressure and even obesity.

The moral of the story, is not to be satisfied with the first bed
you lie on. Just like Goldilocks, feel free to look around before
making that all important choice.

Posted by Elizabeth MewesADNFCR-1744-ID-801292043-ADNFCR