Getting a good night's rest is crucial for making the most out
of the day, but there is a vicious clan of sleep impediments that
are blocking the way to a peaceful night.

Thankfully, many of the sleep impediments can be easily rectified
by simply adjusting our lifestyles. It would seem that contemporary
living is really taking its toll on contemporary sleeping, with
many of the factors revealed by revolving around
elements of the modern lifestyle which impede our ability to
properly wind down at night.

Too much food, drink, and stimulation, for example, are a primary
cause keeping millions awake around the globe. Being
over-caffeinated is a chief concern here, with coffee, soft drinks,
energy drinks and snacks all too common in contemporary lifestyles.
Eating too close to when we go to bed can make life extremely
uncomfortable, as the body needs time to shut off at night, rather
than being overactive due to food and drink intake.

Medication can also wreak havoc with slumber patterns, with
over-the-counter drugs, as well as alcohol, having an adverse
effect on how well we get to sleep. Taking sleep assistance drugs
may not be as healthy as they appear, whether that be for falling
asleep at night or keeping awake during the day.

Video games, the internet, social media and mobile phones are all
leaving us too wired to shut down at night. Additionally, stress
from work and general life are also leaving our heads full with
matters that are not being dealt with before going to bed. Working
longer hours or working at night will also interfere with our
biological clocks.

Societal pressures can be just as harmful as those we experience
at work. Sleep expert Mark Mahowald calls "the pervasive, erroneous
attitude that sleep is not a biological imperative, that it is
negotiable. We have raised sleep deprivation to a badge of

In order to get the most out of the night, we should be addressing
our attitudes during the day. Defeating the vicious clan of sleep
impediments starts by overcoming your own habitual routines.

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