Everyone can benefit from a nap. In some
cultures napping is embraced daily: for example, in Spain daily
siestas are the norm. Napping can massively improve your health and

Naps are great for eye health: looking at screens all
day can lead to eyesight deterioration, which can seriously affect
your sight. On top of this, naps have been proven to improve
creativity and problem solving ability, and can boost mood by
giving us a small shot of serotonin. But it's important that your
napping is done properly to gain these benefits. Below are three
types of napping that will allow you to chill out and relax


Power Naps

This is one we can all benefit from doing and is
perfectly simple. It must be done lying down or sitting in a
comfortable position for the best effects. You don't necessarily
have to be in bed but find a comfy spot; a Silentnight mattress
would be ideal. A power nap is a state of relaxation for 10-20
minutes, but no longer: if you struggle switching off, perhaps set
your alarm for 30 minutes to gain the best state of relaxation.
Ideally it must be done at some point between 2pm and 4pm so it
doesn't affect your night-time kip. A daily power nap is a great
thing to do.


Replacement Naps

These naps are slightly longer than power naps, aim
for around 40 minutes. Any longer than this, you will go into a
deep sleep and wake up feeling groggy and possibly even more tired
- this is called 'sleep inertia'. Once again, aim to take this nap
in a comfy place in the middle of the afternoon to prevent problems
sleeping at night. If you work shifts, or have jet lag, put your
head down for just under an hour to try resolve this. This type of
nap is brilliant for repairing muscles and helping them grow, so if
you're a fitness fanatic this could be the nap for you.


Yoga Nidra Naps

This is the crème de la crème of napping, using
yoga-based techniques to relax the body and mind. If you feel the
need to to have some spiritual relaxation, this is perfect for you.
Play a sleeping lion for half an hour and find yourself feeling
like a new, lifted person. This type of napping has a wide range of
benefits for physical, emotional and mental well-being. If you feel
like you need a break, don't worry about it, take some time and


So if you're feeling tired and stressed but
can't seem to get those vital hours in at night, treat yourself to
a nap. The little time taken out of your day is guaranteed to
improve your quality of work and life in your conscious hours. We
live in a world dominated by technology, which can be overwhelming
at times. Do yourself a favour and take a nap.