We all love a good night's sleep. The average
Brit sleeps for seven hours and 22 minutes per night! Although the
populations of Finland, the Netherlands and New Zealand get more
shut eye than us, we tend to sleep soundly. Why is this? Are we
content with life? Do we have fewer distractions? It's hard to be
absolutely sure, but one thing is for certain, we all sleep
differently. Let's take a look at some of the most common sleepers.

1 The Stone Cold Sleepers

The type of people who can literally sleep
anywhere, whether that's in bed, on the bus or even at work. These
guys can never complain about being tired, as they sure don't have
problems sleeping.  

2 The Snorers  

Possibly the most common sleeper, the snorers
continue to keep people awake thanks to their unconscious roars.
People snore when breathing vibrates tissue in your throat,
creating a sound. Snoring can be a nuisance, in particular for
partners or roomies, but it's not a selfish act of mischief whilst
asleep: in many cases, people don't realise that they snore. If you
know that you're a heavy snorer, avoid sleeping on your back and
refrain from alcohol and smoking, all of which relax the throat
muscles and lead to snoring.

3 The Starfish

Last but not least, the starfish. Have you ever
woken up sprawled out, claiming your territory in the bed? Studies
show that the 5% of Brits who sleep like this, make good friends
because they are always ready to listen and offer help. You may be
seen as a selfish sleeper but really you're a star, just like your

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