The UK's attitudes to anti-ageing revealed

A good night's sleep has been voted as the most effective weapon
in the fight against ageing, as part of a recent Silentnight sleep

When asked what was thought as the most important thing to
slowing down the ageing process, two thirds of people in the UK
(64%) pointed to a good night's sleep, with only 12% saying face
creams, while 9 out of 10 people (88%) agreed they looked better
after a great night's sleep.

And in even more surprising news, the recent study also showed
that men are spending on average more than women in their attempt
to hide the signs of ageing, through investments in ever more
expensive products. The average British man now spends £54.53 on
items that will help preserve his looks, compared to a woman's
£52.2017 bill.

With millions of people believing so strongly in the importance
of sleep to anti-ageing, and the UK's Sleep Council recommending
everyone change their mattress at least every seven years, one in
five people (20%) confess to having not changed their mattress in
over eight years, with almost a quarter of people (24%) saying they
have never changed their mattress at all.

Compare this to to spending over £50 a month on beauty products,
the cost of a divan and mattress from Silentnight's new Diamond
Collection starts from £769, equal to £9 a month, or £0.30 a night
over a seven year lifespan.  An investment supported by sleep
expert Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, who commented:

"It's alarming to think that we're spending millions of pounds
as a nation each month in our attempts to cover up the results of
poor sleep, when we could be spending far less over time on getting
a good night's sleep in the first place.

"There are a plethora of factors that can get in the way of
great sleep, but not enough people realise the enormous handicap
they're giving themselves by laying down to rest each night on an
old, broken or poor quality mattress."

The top five perceived most important factors in anti-ageing

  All Women Men
1. Sleep 64% 68% 59%
2. Staying hydrated 50% 60% 40%
3. Healthy diet 45% 52% 38%
4. Exercise 40% 36% 44%
5. Face creams 12% 17% 6%