From a roll of duck tape to pocket
sized hand fans, here is our guide to the best things to take to
Glastonbury this year, ensuring you're getting the best night's

With a whopping 25% of people
suffering from dangerously low levels of sleep every year, it's
important to make certain that you're all prepped and raring to


Here is our seven essential tips for
surviving those seriously fun but dangerously sleepless festival

1. Duck tape - keep
your tent up, rain or shine, with a little bit of this strong
stuff, and hey bingo! Holds up tent poles and repairs rips - a
cheap and cheerful festival essential. 

2. Nothing ruins a festival
more than feeling wet. Attending Glastonbury this year? You may
need to prepare for rain.
The last few years have seen
glorious spells of sunshine, but there have been years when people
have been swimming instead of sleeping. Yes really. Bring a light
(because let's face it, it's not going to be minus zero) waterproof
/ poncho. It's not too heavy to dry quickly and is easy to slip on
over a hoodie. Simple. 

3. Pack earplugs to get
quality, undisturbed sleep.
Block out those late night
stragglers and guitar playing hipsters, and rest up so you feel
upbeat for the day of music and entertainment ahead.

4. With our bodies being
made up of 70% water, you need to make sure you're drinking enough
, especially when you've been out dancing in the sun
all day. Keeping hydrated is not only good for you, it allows you
to sleep better and wake up headache free! 

5. Eye mask - this
simple piece of equipment, alongside your trusty ear plugs, will
help reduce the stress of not being able to sleep, allowing you to
nod off naturally without being disturbed. 

6. Hanging torch -
walking back to your tent after a big night, you're bound to trip,
slip and maybe knock into your neighbours' tents. Stop this by
buying a simple hanging torch for your tent, giving you light at
night to be able to undress, wet wipe and get cosy. 


7. Snuggle up -
it's always nice to bring along some home comforts to help you
drift off. Why not try our breathable
Silentnight Summer Cooler Pillow
to keep you feeling fresh and

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