We all know the feeling of being unable to drift
off to sleep, our minds still whirring from the day when we then
turn to endless scrolling on phones, tablets or laptops to help us
get the full 8 hours. However, our sleep expert
Dr Nerina
has long advised to "veto phones, tablets and devices that
emit blue light. Your sleep will reward you for choosing to rest
rather than scrolling through your social media feed".

In the past few years, more and more people are paying attention
to the potential benefits of
smart sleep technology
, tech designed to analyse and track
sleeping patterns whilst measuring the quality and duration of
sleep. Below, we've shared some of the best
for a good night's sleep to help you decide if smart
sleep tech is for you.

Fitness bands

There are plenty of fitness trackers available
to purchase, with sleep functions designed to monitor your
movements at night and analyse just how many hours we're totaling
each night. Try and find a fitness band which will aim to wake you
up in the lightest part of your sleep cycle to wake up feeling
refreshed and less groggy.

Sleep apps

Widely accessible at just a download away, sleep apps can help
you to relax by playing soothing sounds, track your sleep activity
or even provide a digital colouring book to help calm the mind. This
article shares some of the highest ranked apps to help you drift
off into a peaceful slumber all via your smartphone!

Wake-up lights

Sometimes, the ringing of alarms in the morning to wake us up is
too much and can often make us hit the snooze button and call for
five extra blissful minutes. Instead, try a wake-up light
alarm clock
for a less stressful wake-up method designed to
have you skipping the snooze button and waking up with the

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