For some people, getting a good night's sleep
can be a daily battle causing constant tiredness and frustration.
Dr Michael Morley, a severe insomniac who has tried everything to
combat his sleeping problems, took finding a sleep solution into
his own hands. He created a BBC documentary called

The Truth About: Sleep
and found that the
answer to a good night's sleep lies in the gut...

If you are a 'bad' sleeper and feel like you've tried
everything, have you heard of prebiotics?

Prebiotics are a type of carbohydrate that
doesn't get digested so they can reach the gut. They act as a
fertiliser for your
which helps us to absorb more nutrients
from the foods we eat.

When the prebiotic reaches our gut, it is broken down to
short-chain fatty acids. Short-chain fatty acids help to regulate
blood sugar and energy sources, which often fluctuate at night.
These fluctuations can disrupt sleep, so by stabilising blood sugar
and energy, prebiotics can improve the quality of sleep.

Prebiotic supplements are the most efficient way to consume
prebiotics, however, these natural fibres are also found in small
quantities in a range of vegetables and wholegrain foods:

  • Chickpeas and hummus

  • Butter beans

  • Leeks

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Garlic

  • Onions

If you often have restless nights try
incorporating some more of these foods into your diet, especially
in the evening as you begin your wind-down before bed, it might
just be the solution.