As busy lifestyles are increasingly leading the nation in to
being more and more sleep deprived, we're sure we're not alone when
it comes to craving that mid-afternoon nap. Napping is no longer
for the very young, or elderly and we're seeing much higher numbers
of the UK having to sneak in 40 winks throughout the day. But did
you know that there are 3 types of nap to choose from?

Our very own Silentnight sleep
, Dr Nerina, recommends power napping - but not all naps
are created equal. There are three main types of naps, varying in
length, that you can tailor to your free time and environment
you're in.

Power Nap (10-15 mins)

Who doesn't love a good power nap? Short enough to fit in your
lunch break, with time to spare, and perfect for those of us who
work long hours with not much free time. Fitting in just 15 minutes
of sleep is still enough to reach sleep stage 2 and will help
improve your concentration, alertness, and work performance. Acting
as a lunch time refresher, this type of nap can bolster your
afternoon forward in to a more productive pace!

Solid Snooze (30 mins)

A 'solid snooze' offers you the best of both worlds. It affords
you a longer resting period than a power nap, but it is short
enough to still be achievable on a tight schedule. A solid snooze
shouldn't overrun the 30 minute mark though, as you will reach deep
sleep after this time and be more likely to wake up groggy from
your nap, rather than feeling refreshed.

The Full Refresher (90 mins)

As the holy grail of naps, the 'full refresher', is the longest
of the three napping options. The full 90 minutes will allow you to
go through a whole sleep cycle and leave you as refreshed as a good
night's rest. Try not to leave this one too close to bedtime
though, as it will make falling to sleep in the evening more
difficult. Try not to do this one too often, or in replacement of
your night time sleeping pattern, as it may have a detrimental
impact on your health in the long term.

With the above napping options in mind, which one will you go
for when you next need a mid-day boost?