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According to Oxford University
academic, Dr Paul Kelley, starting work before
9am is similar to torture!
Dr Kelley
wants the business and school day to begin at 10am and reports that
GCSE results could be boosted by 10 per cent as a result of the
later start. 

 Starting work or school at 9am could be a
threat to our performance
until we hit
the age of 55, when we start to need fewer hours of sleep. The
sleep deprivation we experience is a result of early starts, and
not sleeping until our body clocks wake us up naturally.

 Dr Kelley suggests that older teens should be
starting school at 11am to allow them to have a lie-in. As younger
children can wake up earlier naturally, Dr Kelley suggests
staggered times in the morning; younger children should start at
8.30am, 16 year olds, 10am and 18 year olds 11am. 

 Evidence is growing that a lack of sleep can
lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and mental health
problems. As young people are more vulnerable to sleep deprivation,
these staggered starts would allow for that much-need

 Dr Kelley also added: "As children enter their
teenage years, they require more sleep as the internal body clock
shifts later, delaying the phase at which sleep can be initiated".
Adolescents spend more time getting to sleep at night - extending
their 'wake maintenance zone'.  

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