Q : Thank you for you quick responce to my last question, but I
wanted to know what the mattress was made from. Does this have any
memory foam in it, what is the pillow top made from and would this
go lumpy in time? The mattress is called Silentnight Ultimate
Pillow Top Mattress and is on sale on isme and they are saying it
was a £750 mattress before the sale so what am I getting for my


A : This mattress does not contain memory foam. The
pillowtopisan additional layer of padded fibres on the top of the
mattress for the ultimate in luxurious softness. We would not
expect this additional layer to go lumpy.In the wider retail
environment it is almost always true that the more you pay for a
product, the better that product is in many aspects. However, there
are instances where a product's price reflectsthe promotional plans
of the retailer.