As humans, we spend a third of our life sleeping. This means
for marriages, we often spend a third of our lives alone together
in bed, which makes mattress hunting something that cannot be
valued by pounds and pennies, but rather by whatever feels right
for both parties.

This was the experience Cheryl L. Rice of the Inquirer found
herself up against when she descended on her local mattress store in Philadelphia. She
considered investing in a mattress as being an investment into
their relationship, and therefore pushed her husband, Alan, into
investing time and effort into finding the right mattress for

Bedroom comfort can have a significant impact on marital
relationships as a whole. Sleep is known to have several
neurological effects that can make individuals tired and restless,
adding strain to the relationship through the day. This is often
exacerbated by the fact that couples rarely take into consideration
their individual sleeping habits when buying a mattress.

Many queen size up to king size beds
are now manufactured to support individual sleeping patterns,
rather than standardising how we have to sleep. Miracoil mattresses
or memory foam mattresses both have the ability to adapt to
individual sleeping patterns, even when there is more than one
person in the bed.

Cheryl Rice narrated on the first years of her marriage,
describing the excitement related to acquiring a house of their own
and starting the decorating. However, the newlyweds left the
bedroom to the last, and she found herself questioning that
decision when in the bed store.

She described how putting up with the old fashioned bed set up was
becoming a bit of a chore on their relationship: "The bed was half
as high and half as old as me. And I learned how not to bump into
two of the four posters that punctuated the ends of the bed, often
imagining them as spears when insomnia relegated them to nighttime
shadows. And this was before Alan's snoring became not so cute

So when they finally came round to upgrading their mattress, money
was no longer an issue. The happiness of their marital relationship
was at stake, and finding a mattress that would sustain or even
propel this comfort and happiness was priceless.

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