A recent survey conducted by Mattress Firm in the US has found
that a good mattress is key to a good night, with 90 per cent of
people questioned stating that they are unsure their mattress is
giving them enough support.

The online poll was conducted this month, with results recently
published on the 500 responses that were collected in total.
Participants were asked a variety of questions about their night's
rest and also the state of their mattress. The results were
enlightening and sobering, with overwhelming majorities speaking
out about the discomfort they experience from their mattress.

Sleep can have two primary adverse effects. The first is physical
effects, which can arise in the form of back pains and aches and is
caused by unhealthy sleeping postures or a lack of support from the
mattress. Secondly there are neurological effects, which can occur
as a result of limited or disturbed sleep. Both of these factors
were taken into account in the survey, which showed that mattress
quality has a big role to play in both the physical and the
neurological effects.

Some 90 per cent of the American adults surveyed said that they
are sore, tired and cranky after a night's sleep. These are all
effects that can be attributed to the quality of the mattress. If
people feel they are not getting enough sleep, it is probably
because they don't feel comfortable at night. Similarly, if
sleepers wake feeling sore, it is likely to be that they are not
well supported as they sleep.

This was reflected in the survey, with 73 per cent of respondents
saying that they believe mattresses are important to getting a good
night's sleep. On top of this, 74 per cent choose a mattress based
on comfort, rather than appearance, brand, or even price, which
highlights how people perceive the role of the mattress in their
lives, diminishing all other factors other than comfort when
looking for the right mattress for them.

Some 61 per cent of respondents said the main reason they
purchased a new mattress was because their existing mattress was no
longer comfortable. According to the Better Sleep Council in
America, a mattress should be replaced every five years, chiefly
because a quality mattress can significantly reduce bedtime
discomforts such as shoulder and back pain, back stiffness, as well
as significantly increase sleep quality and comfort.

But many people can't remember how old their mattress is. More
than one-third of the people surveyed said that they have had their
mattress for more than ten years, and 20 per cent of people
questioned think it's okay to keep a mattress until they begin to
suffer from back pain. But considering that you spend a third of
your life in bed, is it really worth
waiting until you start feeling symptoms to renew the quality of
your mattress?

Steve Stagner, Mattress Firm's chief executive officer,
said:"Consumers continue to recognize mattress comfort and quality
are key factors in getting a good night's sleep.

"They also are becoming more aware of the different ways a new
mattress can positively impact various aspects of their lives.
During the month of May, Better Sleep Month, Mattress Firm invites
our guests to come in for a fun and educational experience that
will help them select the best mattress for their needs."

If you are considering a new purchase based on support and comfort
then you should consider this. Mattress technology has developed at
significant rates over the past few years, with new systems and
fabrics emerging onto the market all of the time.

One such advancement is the memory foam
which is now commonplace in modern households. The
memory foam mattress is unique in that the bedding moulds to the
shape of your body, offering unrivalled support. As well as this,
it also offers more comfort than most other materials, allowing you
to sleep as you choose with minimal disruption.

Posted by Elizabeth MewesADNFCR-1744-ID-801352884-ADNFCR