Individuals across the UK will have welcomed the sun over the
last few weeks with open arms and a song in their hearts, as the
rain and gloom of recent months has been replaced with glorious,
sweltering sunshine.

However, while hot and sunny days can be great for building a tan
and generally helping everyone to feel that summer is finally on
its way, hot evenings can be a serious hindrance to getting a sound
and restful night's sleep.

As such, the Sleep Council has unveiled an array of tips for
helping people to make their bedroom a haven of coolness and
tranquillity during the coming summer months, with the focus on
helping individuals to continue to have restful nights even when
the thermometer soars.

One of the top tips offered by the Sleep Council is to do away with
the heavy duvet that has wrapped sleepers during the cold winter
and spring and to replace it with a light sheet. Furthermore,
people should slip into more comfortable bed clothes that are light and airy if
they wish to have a good night's rest.

Another useful tip is to open both the window and the door of the
bedroom at the same time, as this will create a draught and
hopefully help sleepers to keep cool.

Failing that, the installation of an electric fan or air
conditioning can be another great way to ensure the air in the room
continues to circulate and Brits will therefore not get too hot and
bothered while trying to catch some shut-eye.

Prior to heading up to the bedroom, the Sleep Council also noted
there are numerous tips and tricks that can help individuals to get
to sleep more easily even when the weather is roasting

Taking a cool bath or shower can help people to go to bed feeling
refreshed and ready for a good night's sleep, while taking iced
water into the bedroom and having a glass at hand throughout the
night on a bedside table can also help people to stay hydrated and

Avoiding too much alcohol and big meals can also be excellent
advice for Brits hoping to sleep peacefully during hotter nights,
as both of these things can make a person hot and bothered
throughout the night through dehydration and over-active

Furthermore, individuals updating their bedroom furniture for the
summer have been advised to ensure they invest in a bed that is of
the right proportion and gives them adequate room to spread out and
relax - being squashed and cramped in a bed on a hot summer's
evening is nobody's idea of fun.

A final couple of more off-the-wall tips for a sound and restful
night's sleep relate to the importance of keeping a cool head -
this means Brits could get better sleep by taking a few minutes to
put their pillow in the freezer before bedtime or alternatively
filling a hot water bottle with iced water and taking that up to
bed with them.

The Sleep Council also recently highlighted the importance of
people having the right pillow in order to secure a restful night's
sleep. It revealed that having the right pillow can be exceedingly
important for comfort during the night, as well as in helping to
avoid a painful neck or headache upon waking the next

As such, the organisation advised individuals to try out any new
pillow before they purchase it. In this way they can ensure it
gives the proper support and has the correct alignment to stop the
head lolling or neck being permanently twisted throughout the
night, as this is where problems can arise.

Posted by Elizabeth MewesADNFCR-1744-ID-801373609-ADNFCR