With allergies affecting over 21
million adults in the UK*, Silentnight's range of anti-allergy
mattresses and beds are designed to help sufferers rest easier at

Silentnight Hypoallergic mattresses
are fully approved by Allergy UK and contain Purotex; A natural
probiotic treatment infused in to the fabric which absorbs
moisture, preventing dust mites, bed bugs, mould and other

Purotex technology works as you
sleep. Movement in the bed creates friction which causes the
probiotic capsules within the fibres to activate, which releases
friendly bacteria that absorb the moisture produced by the body,
forming a natural barrier against irritants.

Dust mites are one of the most
common triggers for a number of allergies ranging from hay fever
and asthma to sensitive skin conditions like eczema, which often
worsen  at night. Over 35% of allergy sufferers report
disturbed sleep and the warm and humid bed environment provides a
haven for the mites which thrive in these

To keep allergies at bay, it is
recommended that bedding is washed and changed frequently and
washed at over 60 degrees. Silentnight mattresses treated with
Purotex keep hygenically clean and are designed to aid a healthy
night's sleep.

Purotex is available on selected
hypoallergenic beds and mattresses from Silentnight. For further
information please visit our hypoallergenic page.

 *Statistics provided by Allergy UK

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