Recent research has revealed that 35 per cent of British
adults still take stuffed toys to bed with them, according to a
Travelodge survey.

Many adults are still taking a stuffed companion to bed because
they feel it helps them to de-stress and relax. Creature comforts
in the bedroom proved to be surprisingly popular amongst adults,
with 35 per cent of the 6,000 Britons surveyed by the hotel chain
admitting to taking a teddy bear to bed.

Stuffed animals are a very personal possession, and many adults
that still take them to bed feel they have a close relationship
with them. Travelodge have attempted to reunite over 75,000
forgotten bears left behind in its 452 hotels in England, and found
many were not owned by children.

Many adults choose to take their stuffed bear collection on
business trips, with a quarter of men who took part in the survey
admitting to taking their teddy bear away with them on business.
Trips away can get quite lonely, particularly when they are become
regular occurrences. Therefore, many travellers take stuffed
animals to remind them of home.

The warm feelings and sentiment associated with stuffed animals in
the bedroom is a primary reason why Silent Night chose a stuffed
animal to represent their products. The famous Silentnight duo of
the hippo and the duck represent the comfort and warmth essential
to a good night's sleep.

Posted by Elizabeth MewesADNFCR-1744-ID-801299596-ADNFCR