Let's face it, not all of us live in spacious surroundings,
leaving us wondering exactly how to make the most of what room we
do have. Thankfully for us, there are all sorts of space saving
solutions on the market that can make our pads feel more like homes
than cardboard boxes.

One great invention is the sofa bed, which acts as a comfy place
to sit during the day, before being transformed into an ideal
sleeping space at night. This could be the perfect solution if
you're short of a guest bedroom, but intend on inviting friends and
family to stay once in a while.

Always hoping to help its customers find new and improved
solutions, Silentnight has devised a concept that could be perfect
if you're stuck for room. The Bed Sofa is available in two models,
each of which features a choice of two Silentnight

The Deluxe version features Posturezone Miratex foam, which
prevents rolling during the night and helps the body stay in the
right position. The Luxury mattress, on the other hand, uses
Miratex foam and a layer of memory foam, again, offering both
comfort and support.

One of the problems you might have encountered with traditional
sofa beds is that they don't complement your existing decor. If
you've put a lot of effort into making sure your home is a place to
be proud of, then don't spoil it with an unsightly sofa bed.

The Bed Sofa from Silentnight is available in a number of fabrics
and colours to ensure it fits in to existing surroundings, leaving
visitors unaware that it can fold out into a bed.

It is, of course, not only your visitors who will need space
during their stay. Some master bedrooms in modern houses are
less-than-desirable in terms of the room they offer, but this can
be tackled with the aid of the right product.

Storage beds are a great choice, as they offer the comfort and
support of ordinary models, but with features such as under-bed
drawers. So, if you've got lots of knick-knacks that could do with
being tidied away, these could be the perfect option.

Raised beds are a popular choice in many of your homes, and can
easily be used to conceal some of the clutter you'll have
accumulated over the years. Under-bed storage drawers are a great
way of keeping items out of sight, as well as ensuring they can
easily be accessed.

The key when choosing a bed is to make sure that it is suitable
for the bedroom it is being put in; there's no point buying a
king-size bed for a space that is far too small. Getting the
proportions right will make a room seem bigger, as well as allowing
other furniture to be bought.

Posted by Elizabeth Mewes