Our brains are pretty amazing.
Acting as the human body's operation centre, our brains control
everything. From our taste in food to our ability to tie our laces.
It even lets us know when we're feeling tired.

asleep at desk small

But how do we train our brains? If you're looking to
sharpen your concentration and boost your memory, then we've got a
little secret to let you in on - get a good night's sleep!

Sleep improves memory by triggering changes in the
brain. Findings by experts at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
Centre in the US came from MRI scans identified which parts of the
brain are activated after getting a decent amount of shut eye.

Catching those all-important z's helps new memories
'stick' to the brain - known as memory consolidation. 

So if you want to strengthen your brain cells, and
remember more, get a good night's rest.

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