There are only 24 hours in the day,
that's something even the most powerful business people can't
change. So how do you manage your sleep routine when your day is
spent managing your business? 

Sleep for Success

If you're asking the question - 'am I stressed?' -
then there is a good chance you are. We can tell you that 4 hours
sleep per night isn't enough if you're pushing yourself physically
and mentally throughout the day.

Dr Anna Weighall from the University of Leeds
, said: "Poor sleep has been implicated in a range of
negative health outcomes and emotional problems such as anxiety,
depression and stress."

So, what does it feel like to be stressed? The
feeling of stress is different for different people but lack of
concentration, an aching back and trouble sleeping, can all be
signs that you're dealing with too much.

To top it all off, sleepless nights have been proven
to have a detrimental effect on our overall health. A low immune
system and weight gain are two of the less serious issues, with
more severe dangers include strokes and heart attacks.

If all this is sounding a little too familiar, it is
time to question when stress at work is too much. Sure, work is
important, but we need to think or other parts of our lives such as
family, friends, and ourselves.

Our resident sleep expert, Dr Nerina, has put
together five top tips for busy business owners who are feeling the

  • Take regular breaks during the

  • Follow a regular wind down

  • Exercise

  • Learn how to power nap

  • If you wake during the night, do
    not check the clock

To find out more about these top tips, check out Dr
Nerina's Sleep Toolkit here