Individuals who are unable to get a good night's rest because
of their own or their partners snoring may be interested in new
research which has highlighted the benefits that stockings could
provide in minimising the severity of this problem.

The Daily Mail reports a new study has revealed the symptoms of
snoring could be reduced by as much as one-third if sufferers wear
stockings during the day, as this helps to prevent a build up of
fluid in the legs. At night, this fluid is then released from the
extremities and can pool in areas which disrupt respiratory

Andrew Mc-Combe, an ear, nose and throat surgeon at Frimley Park
Hospital in Surrey, told the news provider: "This is an interesting
idea and the hypothesis seems sensible, too."

He added that further research will more definitively showcase the
benefits that wearing stockings could provide.

The news follows research highlighting a possible link between
heavy snoring and an increased risk for the development of
rheumatoid arthritis.

Sufferers who snore heavily may be jolted awake numerous times
during the night and this has been found to place a great deal of
stress on the body's joints.

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