With spring fast approaching, many of us have started thinking
about the annual overhaul we give our homes at this time of year.
Whilst it can be tempting to leave your bedroom until last on the
agenda, it's of utmost importance to start with the room that not
only sends you to sleep in the evening - but also where you start
each day.

When you bear in mind that the average person spends the
equivalent of 25 years in bed
sleeping (and that's before we even factor in other bedroom
activities!), it makes sense to ensure that you are happy with the
sanctuary you create. Not only is the bedroom a place where we sleep each evening, but
statistics from the Sleep Council and Birds Eye also show that a
quarter of us also spend time eating at least one meal a week in bed; and that's before we take
a look at the time spent working, reading, browsing social media,
and watching TV in bed too!
All this activity can quickly spiral and make what is meant to be a
clean and tidy space, in to a cluttered environment.

If your bedroom is starting to be a place of doom, then here are
Silentnight's 6 top tips to keep your bedroom clean all year

Start with the bedding

Leaving your bedding unwashed even for a few months can result
in one-third of your pillow's weight being made up of dead skin,
bugs, dust mites, and even mite droppings(!). To avoid this it's
recommended that you wash your pillows and duvet every two to three
months, and your sheets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We all know
there's nothing quite as satisfying as diving in to clean, fresh
sheets after a long day, so there's little excuse to avoid this

Tumble dry between washes

Giving your pillows a quick spin in the tumble dryer between
washes will also help keep them clean as the heat kills bugs and
mites that can build up. You should tumble dry pillows on a
low-heat setting and consider including some rubber dryer balls to
keep your pillows fluffed. Not only that, but popping your head on
a warm pillow is a satisfaction like no other!

Purchase the right kind of bedding

When browsing bedding choices it's important to look at how
machine washable friendly your bedding is, this way there's no
reason not to keep it clean and fresh at all times. Silentnight's
Superwash range is specifically designed to be machine washable and
to maintain its bounce after washing. The range is also tumble
dryer friendly, which makes it the perfect bedding upgrade.

Invest in pillow and mattress protectors

If you are not able to machine wash or tumble dry your bedding,
then you may want to consider investing in a good pillow and
mattress protector. As these are far easier to wash than trying to
squeeze your mattress into your washing machine, they just make
life a little easier! Not only will they help to keep your mattress
and pillows clean but it will also extend their lifespan by
reducing wear and tear. If you already own pillow and mattress
protectors, ensure you are washing these weekly along with your

Air your bed in the morning

We're all guilty of rushing around in the mornings, but when it
comes to making your bed there's a good reason why you should take
your time. On average, an adult can lose up to a litre of sweat in
one night, and all of that has to end up somewhere. To help
minimise the amount that can be absorbed by your mattress, ensure
that you pull down your duvet and let it air before you move on to
making your bed later on in the day.

Vacuum regularly

Your bed
isn't the only culprit when it comes to dust mites. Bedroom carpets
are a breeding group for dust and mites, so ensure you vacuum and
dust twice a week to keep your bedroom in top condition. If you're
not one to wear slippers and love the feel of the floor against
your bare feet, bear in mind the amount of dust and dirt which can
be picked up and transferred on to your bed! If you suffer from
dust allergies or asthma, you will also feel the benefits of
vacuuming regularly.

Will you be taking on a big spring clean this season? Remember
to keep on top of your bedroom cleaning on a regular basis to
ensure it's not quite as painful in the long run!