People should not worry too much if they are not getting eight
hours of sleep a night.

This is the opinion of David Randall, author of In Dreamland:
Adventures In The Strange Science Of Sleep, who noted individuals
are suffering from sleep anxiety because of the consistent message
about the need to have so much rest.

Mr Randall stated that everyone is aware of how much slumber they
are meant to get in a bed, but not
everyone realises that it is perfectly natural to wake up during
the night.

"Related worries turn many of us into insomniacs and incite many
to reach for sleeping pills or sleep aids," he added.

Instead, it could be a good idea for people to spend time
preparing their bedroom before they go to sleep.

This way they can create the right environment - which is free
from distractions such as TVs and computers - in order to help
improve slumber.

Posted by Elizabeth MewesADNFCR-1744-ID-801461182-ADNFCR