Smokers may sleep less than those who do not indulge in the

A survey carried out by the Charite Berlin medical school in
Germany found that 17 per cent of smokers get less than six hours
of slumber every night, compared to only seven per cent of people
who avoid cigarettes.

On top of this, 28 per cent of respondents who smoke reported
suffering from disturbed sleep, but this figure falls to 19 per
cent for non-smokers.

Lead researcher Stefan Cohrs stated that the study shows for the
first time how there is an "elevated prevalence of sleep
disturbance in smokers".

"If you smoke and you do suffer from sleep problems, it is another
good reason to quit smoking," Mr Cohrs stated.

Other issues connected to a poor sleeping pattern include obesity,
diabetes and heart disease and this highlights why people should
sure they have a comfortable bed and

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