Sleeptember is back once again courtesy of The
Sleep Council UK.
The Sleep Council, an organisation
backed by British bed manufacturers,
aims to remind
people about the health benefits of a good night's

September is renowned for being a difficult month for sleep,
with the return of a bedtime routine for children going back to
school and others adjusting to seasonal temperatures as the nights
begin to cool.

To make these transitions easier, our sleep expert, Dr Nerina
Ramlakhan, is here to help you with her top tips to a great night

  • Take regular breaks during the day
    - try to take a lunch break of between 20-30 minutes. Use the
    time to walk, stretch and recharge mentally. Try to avoid checking
    emails or browsing the internet.

  • Follow a regular wind down routine
    - get into the habit of winding down every night before bed
    by reading a book, listening to music or having a relaxing bath.
    Delay going to bed if you feel tense.

  • Manage the work/home boundaries -
    try not to let work talk spill over into your entire evening and
    bedtime. Allow your mind to wind down and switch off.

  • Exercise - regular exercise is the
    most effective way of reducing stress hormone levels, enabling you
    to sleep more deeply.

  • Minimise stimulants - caffeine has
    a direct impact on reducing sleep quality. It can take up to 10
    hours to remove the caffeine from your body from one tea or coffee.
    If you are having trouble sleeping minimise caffeine and drink more
    water or herbal teas. Alcohol can also impair deep sleep

  • Sleep environment - keep your sleep
    environment free of clutter. Don't bring work into your bedroom and
    keep your laptop and phone out of your bed. The ideal temperature
    is slightly cool so keep windows slightly open or have a fan in the