Sleeping pills taken by over one million Britons increase the
risk of developing dementia in later life.

A study by Harvard University in the US and the University of
Bordeaux in France found that pensioners who use benzodiazepines to
help them nod off in bed are 50 per
cent more likely to end up with the condition.

In the UK at present, there are around ten million benzodiazepines
issued annually, which highlights the scale of the problem.

Sophie Billioti de Gage, a PhD student at University of Bordeaux
and lead author of the investigation, said: "Benzodiazepines remain
useful for the treatment of acute anxiety states and transient

However, she added there is an increasing body of evidence that
shows long-term use by elderly people can induce adverse

Because of this, individuals struggling to sleep may want to use
natural measures, such as relaxation techniques, in an effort to
improve their slumber.

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