Summer is here so that means warmer
weather, less rain (hopefully) and more time with the kids.
It  does however also mean longer daylight hours, which for
anyone with young children will inevitably pose the question, "why
do i need to go to bed when it's still light outside?" If this is
the case in your home then here are some top tips for you to avoid
this dreaded bedtime fiasco.

Summer sleep

Black out

It may seem obvious but one of the
best ways to help stop sunlight from coming into the room is just
to block it out. Black out blinds are easy to find, reasonably
priced and easy to fit making them an easy

Dim the

In the build up to bedtime try shutting the curtains
or blinds gradually to create the illusion that it is getting dark
outside. It will help your child to relax and calm down before bed
and should avoid the awkward bedtime tantrums.

Stick to the

Kids love spending their summer days outside
especially when it's sunny and exercise can encourage a good
night's sleep. All that sun can still be draining though, so it's
best to persevere with the bedtime routine no matter how much they
protest it, otherwise you could be left with one very tired and
grumpy little one the next day - which is no fun for

Turn off the

Try and stop your children playing
with electronic devices an hour before their bed time. This will
help to relax their mind and make them sleepy so going to sleep
when it's still light won't be too much of an issue,

Our Silentnight sleep expert, Dr
Nerina is a big advocate of technology-free time in the evenings.
"An hour before children go to bed, rule out any blue light" said
Nerina. This means no TV, tablets or mobile phones. The bedroom
should be a technology free environment. 

Other advice from Nerina includes a
calming pre-sleep routine. Taking a cool bath can help children
feel refreshed after a summers day, or and having a milky drink or
reading are great ways to help children wind down and feel ready
for bed. 

For more sleep tips from Dr Nerina,
visit the Sleep Toolkit.