Getting a good night's sleep when it is hot can be tough. People will constantly be tossing and turning in an effort to get comfortable, but it is not always easy.

However, individuals can take steps to make sure they nod off and stay in a deep sleep, even if the temperatures are high.

Weather expert Philip Eden, speaking to the BBC, observed there is a method employed in Mediterranean countries that can help. "I make sure all the curtains are closed during the daytime to stop the sun coming in. I have the windows open on the shady side and closed on the sunny side," he added.

An hour before going to bed, Mr Eden recommends opening all of the windows in order to let some fresh air get into the bedroom.

Mary Morrell, professor of sleep and respiratory physiology at Imperial College London, noted an electric fan is a good idea as it can move the air around.

Dr Malcolm von Schantz, a molecular neuroscientist at the University of Surrey's Sleep Centre, stated part of the problem is that many households have measures in place to keep their houses warm in cold conditions, but do not have provisions for keeping it cool.

He added having a drink late at night is important, as no one should go to sleep if they are thirsty, as dehydration could wake people up.

The National Sleep Foundation advises individuals to do whatever they can to prevent an excessive build-up of heat. This includes keeping windows closed if it is much hotter outside than inside.

In terms of the bedclothes, choosing a light option will make it easier to drop off.  Indeed, people may want to buy a duvet cover with a lower tog than the one they usually sleep with.

Jillian Lavender, director at, noted significant health and wellbeing issues can develop if people do not have a good sleeping pattern.

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