marks World Sleep Day, an annual global event celebrating sleep. We
all have our personal sleep preferences, but as nations we have
sleeping habits too. Whenever you travel it's likely you'll
encounter different sleep cultures.

Here are five quirky sleeping habits
from around the world:

Spain - Siestas

The Spanish tradition of having an afternoon nap dates
back thousands of years. Historians believe it originated to give
farmers time to rest and recover from manual labour in hot
climates. Still today, Spain, Italy and other European countries
use the midday pause to go home, eat a leisurely lunch and nap.

Japan - Napping in public

The Japanese practice of
, which translates to sleeping while
present allows people to nap on the go. The culture values
diligence, napping in public is taken as a sign that a person is
tired from working hard but wanting to continue with their day.
Taking a nap on a park bench, on a train, or even at work is widely

United Kingdom - Sleeping naked

According to a study from the
National Sleep Foundation
, Brits have a
preference to sleep in the nude. The findings found that nearly a
third of Britons sleep naked most nights - a considerable amount
more than any other nation.

America - Sleeping with pets

Three in five Americans own at least one pet. At
least 71% of those let their pet sleep in bed with them on a
regular basis, according to a 2015 survey from

The Harris Poll
. This may sound like a sleep
disruption but pets can provide warmth, happiness and

Scandinavia -
Al fresco naps

In countries such as Norway and Sweden, parents
often leave their babies outdoors to nap, even in the middle of
winter! Fresh air and the outdoors is seen as good for their
children and will help prevent sickness. It is common to see
pushchairs outside a store whilst parents do their shopping or eat,
and pre-schools often hold nap time outside to give babies this

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