Sleep walking and talking are common issues for some people, however, a new night-time habit is becoming increasingly prevalent – sleep texting.

As people become increasingly attached to their mobile phones during the day, the phenomenon of sleep texting is becoming more common.

Speaking to the Kare 11 news channel, Dr Mike Howell, a sleep doctor with the University of Minnesota Sleep Medicine Clinic, said that sleep texting is particularly an issue among young people who are connected to their phones and are not getting enough sleep.

He added that sleep texting takes place during the transition period between being awake and asleep, which can be extended if someone is sleep deprived.

If you want to ensure that you don't end up sending any embarrassing text in your seem then take steps to improve the quality of sleep you are getting.

Try and factor in a few early nights each week and ensure that your bedroom is place of calm and relaxation. A mattress suited to your individual needs and body type can also help ensure a good night's sleep.ADNFCR-1744-ID-801290340-ADNFCR