Sleep is one of the things that suffers first when people feel stressed, an expert has said.

According to Andrew Johnson, relaxation coach and therapist at, individuals struggling with anxiety caused by uncertainty surrounding their job or personal finances often have issues in getting sufficient rest.

Mr Johnson explained that when he hosts workshops with around 20 people, usually 100 per cent of all attendees admit that they have had trouble getting to sleep at some point in the last year.

He went on to say that when people are under pressure, they usually think about their problems late at night, which then prevents them from nodding off in bed and can also cause them to wake up in the night.

Nevertheless, the specialist noted that there are certain measures individuals can take to nip such problems in the bud.

"Learning simple techniques to relax the mind and the body works wonders," he added.

Posted by Michael Ewing ADNFCR-1744-ID-801437344-ADNFCR