There's nothing better than a big snooze after a
long day. But your sleeping position might be preventing you from
having the rest that you deserve and may even impact your overall
health. Give this a read and see which sleeping position is the
best for you… you'll thank us later!

Sleeping on your back

This position is best if you want to prevent
back and neck pain, acid reflux and want to keep those pesky
wrinkles at bay. When sleeping on your back your head, neck and
spine are in a neutral position, which means that you aren't
putting extra pressure on those areas. This position is also great
for people who battle acid reflux as it helps to sleep with your
head elevated over your stomach. In terms of wrinkles, this is
supposedly the best way to maintain youthful wrinkle-free skin
(fingers crossed). Overall, sleeping on your back is considered the
best sleeping position by experts.  However, if you're a
snorer, you should give this a miss…

On your side

Sleeping on your side, with your legs and torso
relatively straight, is the next best position for you apparently.
As with sleeping on your back, this position is good to prevent
back and neck pain and also reduces acid reflux. This position is
also perfect for snorers, as your airways are more open than when
you're on your back. If you're pregnant, this position is ideal for
you and your baby. Studies show that sleeping on your left side
helps to improve circulation in your body and in the growing baby.
Sleeping on your left side also prevents your uterus from pressing
against your liver which is always a plus!

Foetal position

This is the most popular sleep position with 41%
of adults saying that this is their preferred way to snooze,
according to a recent survey. However, this is one of the worst
positions to sleep in as sleeping with your knees tucked up to your
chest can cause a strain on your back and joints. If you can
stretch your legs out instead of being completely hunched together,
it might help on your breathing while sleeping.  

On your front

Sleeping on your front is, unfortunately, the
worst position for your body. This is because it does not support
the natural curve of your spine the way sleeping on your back does.
Therefore, this position is not advised to those who suffer from
back and neck pain, because this position can make it worse.
Additionally, it can lead to more wrinkles as your face is pressed
into the pillow, and if you're pregnant you should try to avoid
sleeping on your stomach if possible.

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