People who start going to bed at different times may find they
suffer from more headaches as a result.

Dr Andy Dowson, director of headache services at King's College
Hospital in London, has noted migraines are often triggered when a
person's sleep pattern is disrupted, the Daily Mail reports.

According to Dr Dowson, migraines are often dubbed 'weekend
headaches' because people tend to get them on weekend mornings - a
time when they wake at a different hour than their usual weekday
getup before work.

The expert stated: "Changing your sleep pattern suddenly has a
dramatic effect on the hypothalamus, the area in the brain that is
responsible for balancing hormones - this triggers a

Dr Nick Silver of the NHS Walton Centre for Neuroscience and
Neurosurgery in Liverpool recommended people sleep in a dark room,
as this will serve to increase the production of the sleep hormone

Individuals might also avoid watching television in bed, as this can stimulate the brain to a
non sleep-like state.

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