We all have our own unique ways of getting to sleep,
from piling the pillows high to staying cosy and warm with
blankets, or keeping cool spread out like a starfish. We recently
asked our friends on our social media pages about their sleeping
habits - here's what we found...

How many pillows?

The most popular pillow combination from our audience was two
pillows, followed by three. A large proportion of our audience
preferred two pillows under their neck with an additional pillow to
support their torso or their legs. Do you agree? How many pillows
do you sleep with?


Socks on or socks off? 

The vast majority of our social media audience
firmly believe socks don't belong in bed, and they're the prime
culprits for causing overheating in bed.

bare feet 

Windows open or closed?

Surprisingly, the British public prefer to sleep
with their windows open! Although we don't have the hottest climate
here in the UK, people prefer to sleep in cold temperatures and
cuddle up in their duvets.


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