To become a more productive,
reliable worker, new research suggests you need at least seven
hours sleep. A new study, published in the Medical Sleep Journal,
showed that workers who get seven to eight hours of shuteye each
night are likely to take less sick days than those who sleep fewer

Researchers hoping to examine the relationship
between sleep and sickness surveyed 3,760 men and women aged 30 to
64 about their sleep habits, then linked those results with data
about work absenteeism of each participant. Over the course of
seven years, they surveyed participants in Finland about
insomnia-related symptoms, early morning awakenings, sleeping pill
use, sleep apnea symptoms, daytime tiredness and

Most notably, they discovered that
sleep duration alone, could act as a predictor of sickness-related
absence. The average optimal sleep duration for women was 7.6
hours, and 7.8 for men, with people getting seven to eight hours of
sleep taking an average of nine to 10 fewer sick days per year than

Reliable Worker

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This new research is the newest in a
long line of studies documenting the importance of sleep in an
increasingly 24/7 world. Do you find that you take more sick days
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